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ְ ǰ ϰ, ⿡, ְ 񽺸 ϰ μ , ȭ, ߷ ࿡ ΰǴ ȸ ߵ Դϴ.

We sincerely thank you all for your constant supports ever since Direct Tech was founded.

We have been committed to doing our best efforts to our each products as well as to complete the appointed dates.

As we are face to the high technology generation in the 21st century, we are devoting ourselves to develop the top quality products to meet our customers' needs and wants.

To be a front-runner in the Information & Telecommunication Industries, we will keep our products best with the lowest prices to satisfy our consumer with cost reduction, stabilized labor-management relations, technical development.

Direct Tech Inc. certainly believes that we are specialized to complete our customers' success and we also promise that we will keep refresh ourselves to be a leading company which always makes progress

We will do our best to make our products to be safe and comportable to use as well as we will consider our products as ' a house of communication.

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executives and staff members of Direct Tech